Dr. Bill Player
Licensed in


Bill is a very well trained Psychotherapist with a  Ph.D. in clinical psychology from NYU,  four years of postdoctoral training in relational psychotherapy
and 35 years experience in private practice

Both Individual Psychotherapy and Psychoanalysis help develop a healthier and stronger self, more intimate and rewarding relationships and a happier, more productive life. Psychoanalysis is usually a more intensive and deeper process, requiring three or four session per week.

Individual psychotherapy, from a relational psychoanalytic perspective, can be enormously helpful for persons who are having difficulties in life, particularly in their attempts to sustain deep and intimate relationships, or find relief from anxiety, depression or personality disorders.

Though much of my work tends to focus on what is going on in a client’s current life, it was generally during one’s childhood, when interacting with his or her parents, that fundamental organizing patterns were first developed and internalized.

These organizing patterns lie outside of conscious awareness as they largely determine our social perceptions and reactions and thus continue to have huge effects on how we get along in the world. These organizing patterns direct the action behind the scenes in our relationships with spouses, children, co-workers, various authority figures, and with the therapist. That’s the bad news.

But, here’s the good news: relational psychoanalytic therapy opens space for and usually results in growth of new and healthier internalized organizing structures that will largely displace the older, unhealthy ones, thus enabling us to build less conflictual and more lasting relationships.

Towards making a client’s experience in therapy one that will foster maximum emotional growth, I do my utmost to relate in an authentic and empathic manner. When appropriate, I share my feelings and insights; I acknowledge my mistakes; and, I encourage my clients to do the same – i.e., I encourage them to become more empathic, vulnerable, and authentic, first with me and then with everybody else in their lives.

Most often, my client’s life is truly transformed. Clients find greater intimacy in their relationships and increased gratification in virtually every phase of their lives.