Relational Group Therapy:
Powerful and Cost Effective


Group Therapy is a Life Altering Experience

Relational Group Therapy will enable you to enjoy more deeply satisfying relationships and feel so much more alive and at ease in your life. Relational Group Therapy is extremely powerful, cost-effective and will profoundly improve your most cherished relationships.

Who is in a Therapy Group

Each therapy group is made up of 5 to 8 individuals, both men and women, and meets once weekly for ninety minutes. Partners in a marriage or other relationships meet in separate groups. Groups may be comprised of currently married, divorced, widowed or single adult members who have in common a desire to improve their abilities to engage in and sustain more deeper and more lasting relationships.

Listen more attentively; respond more empathically

People entering group therapy often are having some difficulties in their interactions with significant others, whether they be partners, relatives or friends. A variety of situations often result in escalating anger, shutdown and withdrawal, or in other types of counter-productive behavior.


Group Therapy will help you:

  • Resolve your hurt and anger while developing a capacity for greater intimacy with others who will then find it easier to respond to you in kind.

  • Better understand how painful childhood experiences have led to repetitive relational patterns that influence your perceptions, expectations and emotional responses in current adult interactions.

  • Express your feelings in a manner that will be more likely to evoke compassionate understanding and empathy rather than defensiveness in others.

  • Develop a healthier interactional style that will result in more rewarding relationships.

  • Avoid reflexive attraction to individuals whose pathology is likely, yet again, to make a mutually empathic and supportive relationship impossible.