Dr. Bill Player Psychologist/Therapist

Bill Player, Ph.D.
Lic. Psychologist




When it seems you are feeling more hurt, angrier, or more distant from the most important person in your life, it is likely that every thing about your life might well benefit from some really good couples counseling and/or individual relationship therapy. Dr. Player can help you improve  your primary relationship in either individual or couples format. Sometimes both individual and couples work are indicated.

Should you select me to help you with relationship issues, we will, of course, explore what is going on in your present relationship. We will also explore factors in previous relationships that may have led each of you to develop relational patterns that now re-emerge in your current relationship.

We will look at how various unsatisfactory interactions from your earliest familial relationships seem to be priming each of you to either experience yourself or trigger your partner to experience a resurgence of age old disappointment. In most cases, focus on difficulties in communicating feelings, while examining these archaic patterns of relating, results in couples finding new and more rewarding ways to reestablish emotional intimacy.

I hope this brief description will provide you with some ideas as to how couples counseling might work for you and your partner. However, it is the actual experience of engaging in couples and sometimes additional individual counseling sessions that will provide you with a sense of whether tour working together will really create that deeper and more intimate connection you long for.