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 Relationship Therapy Will Help You
Reduce Anxiety and Depression While Building More Intimate Relationships

Relationship Therapy will help you replace destructive aspects of your communications style with greater empathy and willingness to share feelings of personal vulnerability.  We will also explore any issues that easily trigger a loss of empathy, issues that have often lead to fear, angry outbursts, emotional rigidity and/or emotional shutdown.

When it seems you are feeling more hurt, angrier, or more distant from the most important person in your life, it is likely that your relationship would benefit from couples and/or individual therapy. Should we together on these issues we can explore in depth what has lead each of you to distance yourselves and just about ready to give up on your current relationship. What familiar relational patterns from times past have re-emerged? Or, in your current relationship, are new relational patterns developing? Let’s explore it all…

I hope that your having reached out to me will provide sufficient momentum to lead you to make that phone call that may well enable you to achieve the life changes you have so longed for. However, it will be the face-to-face experience of engaging in relationship therapy that will provide you with a sense of whether this sometimes difficult work will really help you create that deeper and more intimate connection that, until now, you haven’t been able to achieve and sustain.

Please call me at 407-740-8080. Let’s find out together if you feel in your heart that individual or couples therapy with me might be just what the doctor ordered.

Dr. Bill Player

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